FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

59 West Deli Meat- Turkey Pastrami



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Turkey, salt, spices

Product description

First cut premium, handcrafted, thinly sliced, authentic NY Deli. Cooked and smoked in the traditional way to perfection.
Create a memorable simcha that will be remembered for years to come.
Surprise your shabbos guests.
Hmmm…. nostalgia…  a mouthwatering pastrami sandwich, like you’ve had in Shmulka Bernstein’s Deli…..your dream has become a reality… Now available from 59 West Deli
Soft, Moist & Delicious
Vacuum packed for freshness


200 grams

Rabbinical certification

Taam Kosher, Rav Dan Channan

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