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Auga Organic Mushroom Soup


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Creamy champignon soup

This creamy champignon soup is cooked from champignons grown and hand-picked on our farms.

The soup is packed in an innovative light-weight pouch. This pouch is proven to have significantly less CO2 emissions during its product life-cycle compared to a glass jar of similar size.

Ingredients: organic champignons 50%, water, organic coconut milk, organic rice flour, sea salt, organic spices.

Auga Organic Mushroom Soup - IKONA SMART PACK LESS CO2 LESS WASTE 2Auga Organic Mushroom Soup - IKONA PRESERVATIVE FREEAuga Organic Mushroom Soup - IKONA VEGAN FRIENDLYAuga Organic Mushroom Soup - IKONA READY TO EAT HEAT AND SERVE


400 gr

Rabbinical certification


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