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JLM Probiotic Fermented Pickles 500ml Glass Jar


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Out of stock


Cucumbers, salt

Product description

So crunchy, full of flavor and oh so delicious – how is it even healthy?
That’s what many ask upon tasting this salty delicacy, and believe it or not, some even enjoy drinking the healthy brine when the pickles are gone!
Unlike canned or store bought pickles, real fermented pickles like these, are extra tasty and have lots of nutrients and health benefits.
Some of the benefits of fermented pickles:
– Excellent source of probiotics which help improve digestion, the immune system, better brain function etc.
– Increased nutritional value, like enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
– Easier to digest than raw or cooked veggies as the fermentation breaks down hard-to-digest cellulose.
Eat it by itself, or enjoy it with literally any meal.



Rabbinical certification

All ingriedients are Badatz Eida Charedit under the supervision of Harav Bloyer

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