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JLM Probiotic Fermented White Sauerkraut 500ml Glass Jar


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White Cabbage, salt.

Product description

A probiotic goodness; crunchy, salty and sour.
Our sauerkraut is made with only cabbage and salt.
But it’s the fermentation process which turns these simple ingredients into a power-food.
Our sauerkraut is raw, not pasteurized, and no vinegar added, which makes it the real-deal sauerkraut with great probiotic qualities. Authentic sauerkraut is also rich in fiber, as well as important vitamins like C,B and K, iron and manganese, and even antioxidants and can contribute to better digestion.
In short, this food is packed with healthy, gut-healing, immunity-boosting probiotics. It’s a perfect low-calorie snack, and delicious when added to sandwiches or salads.



Rabbinical certification

All ingriedients are Badatz Eida Charedit under the supervision of Harav Bloyer

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