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Mehadrin-Limes- approx. 1 kilo


Out of stock

Out of stock

Due to the nature of this product, we may substitute Limes with Meyer Lemons. Kindly tell us if you do not want us to substitute by sending us a note with your order at checkout.

Rabbinical certification

We will choose the best quality produce that’s available from the following 3 hechsherim:

Badatz Eida Charedit, Badatz Sheerit Yisroel, Harav Efrati

Please do not send us your preference of hechsher as we cannot fulfill specific requests.


Approximately 1 kilo


Price is per kilo

When weighing all our fruits and vegetables we will always make sure that you receive at least a kilo.

If you receive a bit more you will not be charged for the extra weight, unless:

A. It is pre packaged produce that fluctuates in size e.g. grapes

B. Specified on certain produce that it may fluctuate between certain weights e.g. mangos, kohlrabi

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