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Mehadrin- Shinoki Mushrooms


Shinoki mushrooms (Haixian mushrooms) have a slightly sweet taste and a long stem that remains crispy even after long cooking. It is a tasty and decorative addition to any dish.

Shinoki is grown on a sterilized substrate inside climate-controlled growing rooms.

Health benefits:  Shinoki is rich in Iron, Protein Potassium, Thiamin and Riboflavin

Preparation- Shinoki should not be eaten raw. They should be cooked or stir fried. Before cooking the bottom part of the mushroom bunch should be removed such that the mushrooms can be separated.

Recommended uses- The taste of Shinoki is enhanced with olive oil, garlic and fresh spices. Shinoki mushrooms are a great ingredient for meat dishes, pastas and fish. They may be cooked or stir-fried. They make a fantastic appetizer fried in tempura.

Rabbinical certification

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