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Nuravida- Not Spicy White Kimchi


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Ingredients: Chili peppers, Radish, Green Onion, Carrots, Ginger, garlic, miso, soy, Himalayan, salt.

Product description

Kimchi is a fizzy Fermented Asian Vegetable mix. It is not spicy. Made with love.

Many people say it helps relieve or prevent a variety of health problems, everything from hair loss to cancer.

It is not spicy

Gut health
Lightly fermented foods, made from bacteria, contain healthy bacteria. The theory is that these bacteria help colonize our gut, which early research suggests may improve a range of bodily functions from our mood and stress levels, to our weight and cravings for food.

Gluten Free


350 grams

Rabbinical certification

Rababnut Gush Etzion

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