FREE DELIVERY with ₪250 minimum order (Save ₪15)

FREE DELIVERY with ₪250 minimum order (Save ₪15)

Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites 1lt



egg whites, sugar, salt

Product description

Eggs are a delicious way to get in your daily recommended amount of protein for a healthy lifestyle.

This Product is made from fresh eggs whites. Its processed according to Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) principals and high standers which are required by the Ministry of Health and Agriculture. Use these egg whites to create a savory omelet, make tasty meringues, mousse or add them to your next homemade quiche.


1 kilo about 35 egg whites


Badatz Eida Charedit

Rabbinical?certification for Passover

Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak


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