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Pommeranz Orange Juice 2Lt




Product description

Pommeranz Orange Juice is made from 100% fresh fruit, extracted with a unique method that helps retain its taste and aromatic qualities. Pomeranz’s orange juice contains many vitamins and nutritional fibers that contribute to your overall health and digestion.

At Pommeranz we produce juice from the full fruit without any intervention with nature.
As  there is a difference between a small and rural dairy farm and a big industrial dairy farm , and there is a difference between a small, high-quality winery and an industrial winery, so to is the difference between Pommeranz and the products of competing companies.
Pommeranz is a “boutique” factory specializing in pure juice extraction. All infrastructure and machinery were built for this purpose only.
(At competing factories, the juice is pasteurized at high temperature for a relatively long time, in order to extend it’s shelf life and some of the fruit components are taken out in order to produce other products. Thus, the product loses a lot of its quality.)

Every week, our customers get the most delicious and high-quality juice available in the Israeli market, right to there door step!

מיץ מ-100% פרי טרי, סחוט בשיטה ייחודית השומרת על איכויות הטעם והארומה. מיץ התפוזים של פומרנץ מכיל וויטמינים וסיבים תזונתיים רבים המסייעים לגוף ולמערכת העיכול. שתו בהנאה את המיץ הסחוט, הוותיק והטוב ביותר בישראל


2 liters

Rabbinical certification

Badatz Belz

Rabbinical certification for Passover

Badatz Belz- will be kosher for Pesach from 14/4 so only for deliveries for the week of 14/4

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