FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

-Probiotic Fermented Purple Sauerkraut


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Purple cabbage, salt.

Product description

This probiotic sauerkraut is loaded with delicious tangy flavors and lots of good probiotics as well. Use it as a topping, side or ingredient in your favorite dish. Create the ultimate loaded hot dog and top it with this sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup, relish, grilled onions and spicy jalapenos. Sautee it with juicy sausage to create a tasty meal in minutes. This topping is great for health conscious individuals as it is only five calories per serving and has no trans-fat, cholesterol or added sugars. It is a great option for individuals sensitive to gluten as it gluten-free.



Rabbinical certification

Maor Hakashrut

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