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Shaked Tavor Organic Cacao Powder 400gr


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100% organic Cacao

Product description

Cacao has been a staple in the South American diet for a thousand years. Over time, ancient civilizations like the Mayas discovered ways of cultivating cacao. Unlike today’s chocolate, cacao powder is cold-pressed (processed at low temperatures). This helps retain key nutrients and preserve the true essence of chocolate. Kerem’s Organic Cacao Powder is certified organic, Kosher, and gluten-free. Each serving of our organic cacao has protein, fiber, and antioxidants such as flavonols and polyphenols. This is what we call chocolate with the benefits. You get the great taste of chocolate with the healthy benefits of the cacao superfood. Use Kerem Organic Cacao Powder in place of cocoa powder in cookies, brownies, puddings, and cakes. It makes a delicious addition to smoothies and hot beverages, and is a key ingredient in Mexican mole sauce. Add one tablespoon of Kerem’s  Organic Cacao Powder to 8 oz of milk, or to your smoothie and blend well. Drink immediately for a superfood boost! Cacao and cocoa are different, and each have their own unique nutrition, flavor and aromatic profiles. Cocoa is processed at higher temperatures and is usually alkalized. Alkalizing and processing cacao changes its pH value, molecular structure, and contributes to a milder flavor and decreased nutritional value. Kerem’s Organic Cacao Powder is cold-pressed. This process keeps the living enzymes in the cacao, and removes the fat. It’s a small, but important difference!



Rabbinical certification

Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva

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