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Shmura Matza Meal 500gr


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All matza sales all final. No refunds, cancelations or exchanges.

Product description

kosher for Passover shmura matza meal


Stone ground wheat flour and water only



Rabbinical certification for Passover

Eida Charedit

You will have 2 options regarding ordering:

1. Order your matza to be delivered on the same week that you order it.

2. Order your matza to be delivered the week of Pesach.

If you would like your matza to be delivered right away you can add it to your regular order and choose “Regular” in additional delivery information.

If you would like it to be delivered right before Pesach then make sure to place a SEPARATE order for your matza and choose “Holiday” as your delivery option!

Either way in order to guarantee availability we recommend that you order your matza using either one of these methods and NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! 

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