FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

FREE DELIVERY to most areas with ₪399 minimum order (Save ₪25)

Sukar-Life Platinose Based Sugar


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What is Palatinose Sugar?

Platinose is manufactured from beet sugar. The scientists who developed it rearranged the chemical bond between the glucose and fructose molecules in beet sugar to form this new compound. This new food ingredient isn’t as sweet as sugar, but has a pleasant taste and can be used in foods to replace table sugar.

Nutritional benefits of Palatinose
  • Stretching the power curve: Enables balanced, sustained energy supply
  • Supports a low glycemic diet: Sugar levels – less is more
  • Improved metabolism: Balanced carbohydrates in specialized nutrition
  • Weight management: Promotes fat burning
  • Dental health: Facilitates tooth friendly products


The box contains100 packets of 0.8gr

Rabbinical certification

Badatz Eida Charedit

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