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SUN-MAID Raisins


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Spruce up your spread for the holidays!

Made with nothing but grapes and California sunshine, Sun-Maid Raisins’ timeless and trusted goodness has been a classically delicious dried fruit snack for kids and grown-up kids alike since 1912. Sun Maid Raisins take dried fruit to the next level. Not only do raisins have many health benefits, but they are also a convenient and tasty snack. Raisins are a low fat food and contain less than 120 calories per serving. They contribute to our daily intake of fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals. Antioxidant powerhouses, raisins provide only natural sugars.

Raisins are your versatile secret to pulling off the holidays. From natural sweetener to surprise ingredients, Sun Maid Raisins and Dried Fruit are here to help you sleigh the season with sun-dried sweetness. Our imaginative holiday recipes, such as our oatmeal raisin cookies or our turkey stuffing, are sure to wow your holiday guests!

Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins, Dried Fruit Healthy Snack, 22.58 oz
  • A delicious sun-dried fruit snack for children and adults
  • Natural sugars make raisins a useful component in nutritious breakfasts
  • Versatile dried fruit – Add to cereal and baked goods, eat them on the go, or enjoy in your favorite holiday recipes
  • Try making our Sunny Stuffing recipe for your next holiday dinner spread
Are raisins healthy?

Absolutely—raisins have many health benefits! Raisins are a low fat food and provide less than 120 calories per serving. They contribute to a daily intake of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins, and antioxidants. Plus, Sun Maid Raisins are Non GMO Project Verified and made with whole fruit and no added sugars.

Are raisins grapes?

They sure are. Raisins are simply dried grapes. Most raisins come from the Thompson Seedless Grapes variety. Due to the dehydration that takes place in dried fruits, raisins have more concentrated nutrition levels than grapes, making them a natural, nutritious, easy, and healthier snack for kids and adults alike.

What are raisins good for?

Besides being a tasty and healthier snack all on their own, raisins are a welcome addition to many recipes. Due to their natural sugars, raisins are a useful component in delicious breakfast ideas, like sprinkling over granola or adding to oatmeal. Raisins are also a popular item in yummy snack and dessert recipes. No matter if you’re cooking with them or eating them on their own, raisins truly are an incredibly versatile dried fruit.



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