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Bread- White Spelt Sourdough Rolls- 5 Pack


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Out of stock


White spelt flour, water, honey, olive oil, Himalayan salt

Product description

What is Sourdough?

For thousands of years bread baking consisted of creating a simple mixture of flour and water, which activated the natural probiotics and wild yeast found in the grain. The dough was left to ferment until the enzyme inhibitors, anti-nutrients, starches, and even the gluten were broken down, transforming the grain into an easily digested loaf that could truly be called the Staff of Life. The 20th century  brought with it the invention of commercial yeast creating a cheaper and faster way to produce bread. With the elimination of the lengthly fermentation process, yeasted breads have been linked to weight gain, inflammation, digestive disturbances, celiac, and nutritional deficiencies to mention a few. Unlike yeasted bread, sourdough is easy to digest and high in  nutritional value.

Chani Levy’s rolls are truly delicious! Even our kids love them!


6 100gr sourdough rolls

Rabbinical certification

All ingredients are Badatz

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